The Deletra

Size does not matter

On 01 July 2020, DELETRA entered into a framework agreement with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) to provide translation services from Portuguese to English. The signature of this five-year contract was the culmination of a long and meticulous (Read More)

The name of the game

Hello. I'm the director and chief translator at DELETRA OÜ. I'm a professional translator, journalist and copywriter. I am an ISO 17100:2015 Qualified Translator and a Qualified Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) in the United Kingdom. (Read more)

Why LSPs still hire lousy translators

It is often said that translators do not make good business people, and that translation companies should be managed and administered by individuals from other industries. Whilst I believe this may hold true if you focus solely on short-term profits, (Read More)

The beautiful game, found in translation

It was a sunny September afternoon in 2012 when I received an email from Nataly Kelly. I had known her mostly from her work with Common Sense Advisory and, except for a few exchanges related to some of her company's industry surveys, we had had little contact. (Read More)

Perfect match

'I am the special one.' It was with these historic words that José Mourinho announced his arrival at Chelsea in 2004. And, despite the turbulence that accompanied his two periods at the London club, he went on to prove that he was nothing less. (Read More)

Translating football in its spiritual home

On the last day of 2014, a long, arduous and rewarding five-year translation project came to an end. It was not until late 2009 that Fifa, football’s international governing body, decided that its official website needed a Brazilian Portuguese version, (Read More)

Why we chose Memsource

In early 2013, I set out to choose a new translation productivity tool. We had worked with some leading CAT tools in the market, each one of them with their own advantages and disadvantages. What my team and I had noticed, however, was that whilst most tools (Read More)

The four-step approach to translation quality

There is no such thing as a fully accurate translation. However, even though we know how elusive perfection can be, there are measures we can take to reduce to a minimum any possibility of mistakes. Having that in mind, I have long devised a system (Read More)

This could spell trouble

Originally signed in Lisbon on 16 December 1990 by delegations from all of the member nations of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement spent more than one decade in limbo (Read More)

The language of football

When Fabio Capello took the role as England coach in December, he could speak his native Italian and fluent Spanish. He had only a smattering of English, but was sure that his lack of language skills wouldn't hamper him in his new job. (Read More)

Translators now and then, how technology has changed their trade

Over the past few years, translation as a trade has seen significant changes brought about by the advent of new technologies. In an industry that is growing dramatically in terms of revenues, more and more computer applications are being used (Read More)