Luciano O. Monteiro MITI
Qualified Translation Specialist

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), also known as the World Bank, has been a direct client of DELETRA since 2011, having contracted us to translate lengthy reports and documents between English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The world's biggest asset management company, BlackRock has entrusted us with the translation of weekly reports from English to Portuguese – time-sensitive documents containing highly specific terminology and oftentimes neologisms that have yet to find their way beyond the Anglosphere.

Various global companies have hired us to translate their financial statements and other business documents, including press releases, prospectuses, management correspondence and marketing collateral. 

Some of these documents have been used as part of dossiers aimed at mergers and acquisitions with foreign firms, justifying the investment in professional translation with an impressive return on the investment made.

These are just a few examples of our extensive experience and expertise in financial translation. Commercial documents may seem repetitive or even simple to the untrained eye, but discerning businesses know how important it is to only entrust their translation to specialist companies. And we are proud of having won their trust.

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